AREA Calculator
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square feet square metres
square yards acres
*biswa i *bigha i
*biswa ii *bigha ii
hectares kottah (b)
Kanal marla
grounds cents
aankadam perch
rood guntha
chataks ares

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* The roman numeral suffixes at the end of some of the units, e.g. bigha i and bigha ii, indicate that more than one measure of area exists by the same name in different regions, and are not a part of the unit's nomenclature.

Note: if the result is greater than 9999999999 then "-" is displayed. also when the result is less than 0.00000001 then "0" is displayed.

Disclaimer: we verify the accuracy of calculations pertaining to metric and english measure of area upto two decimals. however, as several versions of the regional units exist in the sub-continent, we suggest users undertake a sample calculation to establish consonance between their unit measure and that used in our calculator.
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